January 02, 2019

What is Vaporwave Aesthetic?

Today I want to talk about the vaporwave aesthetic. It's been a Hot Topic on Reddit lately with many people asking questions and discussing the topic. It's obvious that more and more people are becoming aware and interested in this unique topic. When I started to look into it, it sparked my interest as well. So let's see what it's all about.

So what exactly is vaporwave anesthetic? Well first off they are two separate things but they are tied together. I know that sounds confusing, but let me explain.

Let's talk about Vaporwave. What is it? Well to put it simply, it's a genre of music. A genre that doesn't involve Justin Bieber.

Thank God!!

But it is a genre that first evolved and originated from modern-day internet culture, sometime during 2011. What defines the genre is a heavy emphasis on the 80s and 90s music and sounds, particularly smooth jazz and elevator type music. Two of the most exciting genres of music. Am I right? As well as various other samples from a variety of songs, all having a retro feel which is often cut up, slow down, sped up and edited in a variety of ways. Essentially, creating something brand-new in the process. But the best way to understand something is to see an example.

This song is often cited as being one of the first uses of the genre and has inspired countless other pieces of work. The genre has been described as the degrading commercial music in an attempt to reveal the false promises of capitalism.

Damn!! It's pretty deep. And here I was just thinking it's a music genre.

Since its creation, the genre has spread online and become very popular among the listeners who are exposed to its sound.

I said that vaporwave and anesthetic are different yet tied together, so let me explain that. Generally, vaporwave is the genre of music. Anesthetics stylize with the spacing of its letters is the visuals that often accompany the music. The visuals are clearly influenced by the eighties and nineties and have a retro-style that is defined by a handful common characteristics, such as Japanese lettering, anime and manga, retro computer and gaming elements, classical statues, soft pastel color schemes, and an apparent low-quality. This style of art was soon adopted by Vaporwave Enthusiast and became very popular on Tumblr. Eventually, both the music and art merge to make one. Together they have created a subculture on the internet that many enjoy being a part of and sharing.

In February of 2012, vaporwave artists Macintosh Plus released the album Floral Shoppe which perfectly Blended the Two Worlds together.

This album cover has helped to make the aesthetic art style very popular. Spotting its own series of memes were people remix and parody the original art. Sometimes humorous and strange ways.

So that vaporwave and aesthetic. These two worlds have spawned a completely different yet related genre video on YouTube known as Simpsonwave.

Simpsonwave is a video remix series that features clips from the animated television show The Simpsons which are added it to include vaporwave music as well as an aesthetic retro visual-effects. It sounds kind of strange because it is. 

When you stumble upon one of these videos you know you're on the weird side of YouTube and believe it or not this genre video is actually quite popular on YouTube with many of the videos gaining hundreds of thousands of views. I'm not exactly sure why but then again it is the internet, the internet is the place where things like this exist.

Nothing to see. Here just another weird vaporwave video. You know internet stuff...

With the popularity of vaporwave anesthetics growing, it has begun to move from the underground internet scene into the mainstream.

So there you have it vaporwave anesthetics. Hopefully, you understand it just a little bit better after this article. I'm not going to lie it's kind of confusing but the best way to understand something is to be exposed to it. In my opinion, it's not only unique and strange but it's also pretty interesting. It's like people put a bunch of retro stuff in a blender, cut it all up and mix it together, then put it in the oven and just saw what came out. Although you don't put a blender in an oven, so that doesn't exactly make sense but you understand what I'm talking about, but that's the internet for you. And on the internet memes are King.
Thank you all so very much for reading.

In the end, make sure to check out our Vaporwave Collection here. 

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